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We are wholesalers in the Columbus, Ohio area and we are offering true below market, deeply discounted deals for sale. No BS! And we aren't fly by night "wanna be" investors, we have been around for years.

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Talk to the real seller of the property. We are NOT realtors or brokers, we are investors, we own or control ALL of our inventory and these deals are exclusive to us. You will NOT find these properties on the MLS or anywhere else for that matter, they are "top secret." You can always call, text or email to get your questions answered, whatever is most convenient for you.

We have all types of deals to suit various investing strategies:
Single and Multifamily deals.
Rehabs ranging from super light, light, standard and for the folks with the know how heavier rehabs.
Move in ready deals and rented turnkey deals that are already producing income and cash flowing. All at rock bottom prices.
So whether you are a landlord, a rehab retail flipper, employ a lease option exit strategy or whatever your need. We would like to be your top asset.

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Low end area rental deals
Bread and butter area deals
High end deals in gorgeous neighborhoods and top school districts
Single family deals to all the way up to commercial apartments.
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We source our deals from many areas including about 15-20 different proprietary marketing campaigns through various media to reach folks who raise their hands to sell us their houses cheap and we pass along the savings to you. We also have relationships with banks and asset managers so we get deals before they hit the market at lower prices too. And with our buying power and ability to buy in bulk blocks we get better deals on HUDs, Fannie Maes, and other REOs or "bank owned deals" at much better prices than folks who only buy one two or three at a time, and again we pass along the savings to you.

To sum up:
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